Artifact Highlight: the Lions


It is a well-known fact that Margaret Brown traveled to many places throughout the world. From New York to India, Paris to Moscow, she visited dozens of places over the course of her life, often picking up artifacts, art and inspiration along the way. One of the most striking and prominent examples of this in [...]

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The Globe Trotteresses


Claiming the World As Victorian women began looking towards the larger world, they also demanded to be recognized in the arts and sciences.  Traveling in the 1900s was a man’s pursuit and women were not admitted to the professional and academic organizations that funded travel expeditions.  London’s prestigious Royal Geographical Society stated, “The professional female [...]

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A Lady Explorer, A Traveler in Skirts


“A lady explorer?  A traveler in skirts? The notion’s just a trifle too seraphic: Let them stay and mind the babies Or hem our ragged shirts; But they mustn’t, can’t and shan’t be geographic." Letter to the Royal Geographic Society, June 1893 Who was the Intrepid Woman Traveler? By the 19th century, a new class [...]

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Who was Captain Smith and What Was His Role in the Sinking of the Titanic?


Captain Edward Smith is most famous for his role at the helm of the Titanic, the disastrous last voyage in his successful career at sea. Rumors about Captain Smith and his final hours have circulated since that fateful night, leading many to blame the captain for the sinking of the ship. Let’s explore who Edward [...]

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The Intrepid Woman Traveler


“I am a woman who has traveled all over the world, who has eaten with chopsticks and sat tailor fashion.” –Margaret Brown By the 19th century a new class of solo women travelers appeared in the United States and Europe. These women traveled not to accompany husbands but to please themselves, venturing beyond destinations considered [...]

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