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Spring 2023 Hours
(March 21st – June 4th)

Tuesday – Sunday, 10 am-5 pm*

*Last Museum Entry is at 4pm.

Margaret Brown may be best known as a survivor of the Titanic, but she was so much more. Hear her incredible story as you tour her home with one of our knowledgeable guides. Learn about her family and the integral roles they played in her life, most especially that of husband J.J. Brown. Mother, wife, philanthropist, suffragist, actress–Margaret Brown’s story is so much bigger than anything you’ve seen in the movies.

Titanic Memories: Immersive Theater at the Molly Brown House
Titanic Memories: Immersive Theater at the Molly Brown House
The tragic story of the Titanic resonates with people all around the world. Accounts of survivors garnered intrigue in 1912 and continue to do so today. You may know of the Titanic’s famous passengers and their stories, but what about the not-so-famous passengers? Experience these heart-wrenching survivor stories in this one-of-a-kind theater experience within the historic walls of Denver’s Titanic Survivor, Margaret “Molly” Brown.

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Deeper Dive: Twilight Titanic Tour
Deeper Dive: Twilight Titanic Tour
Whether you had a first class, second class, or third class ticket to the RMS Titanic, White Star Lines promised fine accommodations on Titanic’s Maiden Voyage to New York City. From spacious Dining Saloons specific to class, to the Turkish Baths and Promenade Decks, the Titanic was meant for much more than travel. Let’s explore these details and dive deep into the Titanic experience in an in-depth tour experience in the historic home of Titanic survivor, Margaret “Molly” Brown.

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Room for Two?
Room for Two?Titanic Story in Film
One of the greatest movie debates ever – was their room for Jack on the floating ship debris? Join us at the home of the “unsinkable” Margaret Brown, heroine of the Titanic, for an irreverently fun exploration of the Titanic story in film, paired with movie-themed snacks and cocktails.

Saturday, April 22nd, 2023 6:30 PM-8:30 PM
$20 per Person/$15 per Member

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Want to tour the Molly Brown House from home?

Check out our 360 TourScape Virtual Tour that will take you through the home of the Unsinkable Margaret “Molly” Brown. You’ll be able to explore the Brown’s home room-by-room, and click on objects and images for the in depth story.

Restoration of the
Molly Brown House Museum

On December 11, 1970, Historic Denver, Inc. was formed in a grass roots effort to save the House of Lions from demolition. Through several phases of restoration the house has been restored to its original splendor. We encourage you to visit the Museum to lend your support, see the restoration work first-hand, and learn about Denver’s own Unsinkable Margaret Brown.