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Because the Molly Brown House Museum is currently undergoing restoration and renovation, we are not accepting any reservations for private group dining experiences such as teas, luncheons, or dinners in 2017. Tours of the Museum are still available for groups.

Steampunk Hat Workshop Redux
Steampunk Hat Workshop ReduxLet's add a little steampunk!
We’ll help you design your own fantastical topper using the provided accoutrements.
Salon Series No. 2
Salon Series No. 2The Art of Victorian Burlesque
Welcome to the the Victorian Era, where sexual restraint was in high demand! Join us as we take a decade by decade look at the art form known as burlesque.
An immersive theater experience for literary nerds and fans of the macabre. Come for fresh round of soul-searing tales!

Combo Ticket Option: Molly Brown House Museum Tour along with a Capitol Hill Walking Tour 

You have the chance to get a discount if you purchase both the Molly Brown House Museum ticket along with the Capitol Hill Walking Tour. Tickets are just $22 for these two wonderful tours! You must purchase your Combo Ticket at the Molly Brown House Museum Gift Store (1340 Pennsylvania Street), NOT on our website! Purchase of the Combo Ticket must occur at 10:00 am on the day you would like to take the House Museum Tour; this will allow you to attend the Walking Tour first at 10:30 am (Tuesdays – Saturdays) followed by the House Museum tour. (Restrictions apply on Sundays for Combo Ticket purchase)