The History Behind Historic Denver


Early Aerial of Denver, courtesy of Denver Public Library “A people’s memory is called history; and as a man without a memory, so a people without a history cannot grow wiser, better”. – Isaac Leib Peretz (Polish Author & Playwright) What exactly is historic preservation?  In these polarizing times, the term has almost taken on [...]

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Halfway House in the House of Lions


Throughout its existence, the Brown’s home, which has come to be known as the House of Lions, has had many different lives. After Margaret Brown died in 1932, the house and everything in it was sold in an estate sale. The house became apartments and, later, a boarding house. By 1952, it was under the [...]

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Helen Tobin Kosure Through the Eyes of Her Scrapbook


When asked what kind of Senator she would make, Margaret Brown dealt a “crushing blow to the anti-suffragists who solemnly maintain that the vote will break up homes and spoil women as wives and mothers” when she proclaimed herself a mother of fourteen. She explained that she not only mothered her own children, but twelve [...]

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