More than a “Rich Man’s Son”: Larry Brown


Over the course of his life, Lawrence Palmer “Larry” Brown was expelled from school, married and divorced his first wife twice, survived a gas attack in World War I, worked in the film industry and married a Hollywood star. Striving to emerge from the shadows cast by his famous parents, Larry succeeded in blazing his [...]

More than a “Rich Man’s Son”: Larry Brown2017-11-24T22:18:10-07:00

The Newport Years


By the turn of 20th century, Newport, Rhode Island had grown from an important east coast maritime center into the “Queen of American Resorts.” Newport was a summer retreat for America’s most wealthy; a place where gilded mansions dotted the coastline, and grandeur and opulence were in great abundance. Newport offered a cool seaside respite [...]

The Newport Years2017-11-24T22:19:11-07:00
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