Ringing in the New Year-1920s Style!


Ringing in the New Year is a time generally celebrated with laughter and togetherness, dancing, and the generous application of strong liquid refreshment. One may wonder, therefore, if the Prohibition era of 1920-1933 had a negative effect on this tradition of enthusiastic merriment. Luckily, the party-loving youth of the roaring 20’s, known for their excess [...]

Ringing in the New Year-1920s Style!2014-12-29T17:26:11-07:00

Christmas in the 1920s


As the Great War came to a close, Margaret would surely have empathized with the lost generation of young people who had experienced the destruction of the world as it had been known up to that point. She had worked diligently with the American Committee for Devastated France helping wounded French and American soldiers to [...]

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