As you ascend the main staircase you will reach the second and third floors of the house where Margaret’s favorite room, the Sun Room is located as well as the family bedrooms, and third floor servants quarters. Also, you can choose to travel down the servant’s stair case into the kitchen of the home. To explore each of the rooms, simply tap on the photograph and a video will play.

The Sun Room and Third Floor Servants Quarters

We’ve just come up the grand staircase and we are now in a small, west-facing sitting room called the Sun Room. According to family members, this space was Margaret’s favorite in the house. Explore this room and continue up to the 3rd floor of the Brown’s home.

Second Floor Bedrooms

Explore the personal lives and living spaces of daughter Helen, husband J.J., and son Larry as you make your way through the second floor bedrooms. This includes the Historic Renovation Exhibit located in the guest room.

The Kitchen

Descend the servant’s stair case into the bustling hub of servant activity, preparing meals, managing the household, and receiving deliveries, otherwise known as the kitchen. While the food shown here is not exactly edible, you will surely get a taste of what it takes to run a household in the Wild West of 19th Century Colorado.

Margaret’s Bedroom

Your final stop will be Margaret’s own bedroom. In this private retreat, Margaret would write letters planned her political campaigns and read women’s magazines that told her how to dress, raise her children, and champion for the right to vote. Learn about Margaret’s legacy and how she truly is “a daughter of adventure.”