Traditional Thankfulness In A Nontraditional World


We’re all generally familiar with the Thanksgiving story. It’s 1621; the Pilgrims and Native Americans are coming around a large table in Plymouth colony after a year of harsh winters and bountiful harvests. Everyone’s holding hands, singing Kumbaya, and saying a collective prayer. Ok, maybe that’s not exactly how it happened (even though that’s how [...]

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The Education Interns


Meet our two Education Interns, Carmela Ortiz & Emma Verschueren Carmela Ortiz & Emma Verschueren our two Education Interns hanging out with our polar bear, Iceberg.

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Nerdy Adventures of the Education Intern


There are pictures of me in Los Angeles at the Paul Getty Museum when I was not even a year old and I can tell that trip was the start of my passion for history and museums. I grew up going to museums in NYC, where my mom would fatigue from seeing my favorite exhibits [...]

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The Lover Of Learning Lives On (Through Me)


I grew up watching a lot of classic movies. Especially classic American musicals like Oklahoma!, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, and, of course, The Unsinkable Molly Brown—one of my personal favorites. When I decided to attend college in Denver, the first place I had to visit was the Molly Brown House. I still remember my [...]

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The Interns are Taking Over!!


Between the Lions has been quiet for a little while, but now the interns are taking over!  They will be writing on their experiences here at the Molly Brown House Museum, sharing research on various projects, cool things they find in collections, or an awesome history piece from Margaret's life! Check back often for an [...]

The Interns are Taking Over!!2015-11-05T20:15:07-07:00
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