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Restoration in Action

In 2017, the Molly Brown House Museum will be undergoing several restoration and repair projects. The Museum will remain open to the public for tours during the entirety of what will be the largest restoration of the Museum since the 1970s.

Porch tile underway
Frieze before restoration

In 2015 Historic Denver and the Molly Brown House Museum launched a campaign to raise the funds for much needed restoration work on the House. The first task, completed in the fall of 2015, was to replace the Carriage House roof and restore its trim elements. That same year restoration was completed on the frieze in the front retaining wall. The following year extensive restoration work was done on the front porch. This included shoring up the sagging porch from below, replacing the sandstone balustrades and trim, and replicating the hexagonal tile floor.

Spring of 2017 saw the beginning of exhaustive remodeling of the basement. In Margaret & JJ’s day, the basement was a dirt floor cellar, storage, and laundry room. In the 1960s the space was converted into an apartment. After Historic Denver took over the House in 1970, the basement became a place to store collections. In addition to a complete rework of the basement space allowing for two public bathrooms, a curation office and an education center with exhibits, this remodeling effort includes making the brown’s home more accessible to those with mobility issues. A lift will be installed in the northeast corner of the house giving access to those who cannot climb stairs to the main floor of the house as well as the newly renovated basement spaces.


Summer of 2017 will see the completion of this renovation as well as numerous other needed repairs into the fall. These include:

  • Repainting the exterior trim
  • Repairing and replacing gutters
  • Cleaning and repairing the exterior masonry
  • Re-landscaping the grounds
  • Restoring and repairing all 133 windows and doors
  • Adding storm windows with special UV glass so that we can open the shades and let natural light in but still protect the collection from harmful UV rays

We’re so grateful to everyone who has made this work possible!