Photo Gallery

Did you know that there are over 10,000 historic objects in the Museum? Enjoy our photo gallery!

Museum Exterior
Museum Photo 1889
House Originally Next Door
House Next Door
Riding Coat in Parlor
Interior Stained Glass
Brush and Mirror
Contemporary House Photos
Sewing Machine
Interior Items
Interior Chair
Interior Couch
Record Player
Ink Container
Helen Brown’s four-poster bed
Brown’s horsehair sofa
Henry Teller’s roll-top desk
J. J. Brown’s Daybed
Margaret Brown’s Capehart radio
Alabaster Statue
Painting of the South Platte River HH Chain
Lady with Parrot Painting
Landscape painting
Lithograph of F Street
Teacup and saucer
Blue glass bowl
China chocolate pot
Art Leisenring’s blue cracker jar
Brown's Salt Cellars
Margaret Brown’s pearl and amethyst ring
Margaret Brown’s ruby earrings
Margaret Brown’s Gold Watch
Margaret Brown’s purse
Green Satin Shoes
riding coat
Margaret Brown's campaign photo
Margaret Brown (1894)
Margaret and Capt Rostron
Drawing of the house layout by Helen Brown Benziger
Helen Brown Benziger’s recollection of the house
Photo of James Kevin Brown and wife Mary Brown
Photograph of Minnie Brown