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The Education Interns


Meet our two Education Interns, Carmela Ortiz & Emma Verschueren Carmela Ortiz & Emma Verschueren our two Education Interns hanging out with our polar bear, Iceberg.

The Education Interns2015-11-16T16:17:12-07:00

Nerdy Adventures of the Education Intern


There are pictures of me in Los Angeles at the Paul Getty Museum when I was not even a year old and I can tell that trip was the start of my passion for history and museums. I grew up going to museums in NYC, where my mom would fatigue from seeing my favorite exhibits [...]

Nerdy Adventures of the Education Intern2015-11-16T16:13:40-07:00

The Lover Of Learning Lives On (Through Me)


I grew up watching a lot of classic movies. Especially classic American musicals like Oklahoma!, Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, and, of course, The Unsinkable Molly Brown—one of my personal favorites. When I decided to attend college in Denver, the first place I had to visit was the Molly Brown House. I still remember my [...]

The Lover Of Learning Lives On (Through Me)2015-11-05T20:17:24-07:00

The Interns are Taking Over!!


Between the Lions has been quiet for a little while, but now the interns are taking over!  They will be writing on their experiences here at the Molly Brown House Museum, sharing research on various projects, cool things they find in collections, or an awesome history piece from Margaret's life! Check back often for an [...]

The Interns are Taking Over!!2015-11-05T20:15:07-07:00

Ringing in the New Year-1920s Style!


Ringing in the New Year is a time generally celebrated with laughter and togetherness, dancing, and the generous application of strong liquid refreshment. One may wonder, therefore, if the Prohibition era of 1920-1933 had a negative effect on this tradition of enthusiastic merriment. Luckily, the party-loving youth of the roaring 20’s, known for their excess [...]

Ringing in the New Year-1920s Style!2014-12-29T17:26:11-07:00

Christmas in the 1920s


As the Great War came to a close, Margaret would surely have empathized with the lost generation of young people who had experienced the destruction of the world as it had been known up to that point. She had worked diligently with the American Committee for Devastated France helping wounded French and American soldiers to [...]

Christmas in the 1920s2014-12-08T18:18:03-07:00

A Right To Vote!


For many years, women across this country fought hard for the right to vote.  Women such as Alva Vanderbilt Belmont, Alice Paul, Helen Ring Robinson, Jeannette Rankin  and our very own Margaret Brown became active in this cause. In 1896 Margaret and J.J. Brown attended the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. During this time Margaret’s political views [...]

A Right To Vote!2014-10-09T14:27:50-06:00

It’s Time for Museums to Listen!


In this fast-paced century where many things compete for our attention and time, institutions must listen to outside voices so as to not lose potential relevance and worth - it is time for museums to listen! Fifteen institutions came together to do just that, to listen, and formed the Denver-Area Cultural Evaluation Network (DEN). Led [...]

It’s Time for Museums to Listen!2014-07-22T17:00:01-06:00

Amazing Women of World War I


Today, June 2nd, the Museum opened a new exhibit titled "A Call to Arms".  It takes a look at efforts of American women, including Margaret Brown, during World War I both here in the United States and overseas.  Once the United States entered the war in 1917, many more women headed overseas to help with the war [...]

Amazing Women of World War I2014-06-02T20:32:45-06:00

Victorian Eating Experience Volunteers


Volunteers are the backbone of any museum, especially here at the Molly Brown House Museum.  Without them, we couldn't do some of the amazing programming we offer here, including our Victorian Eating Experiences (VEE).  These range from our popular Holiday High Teas to Titanic Dinners to Mother's Day Teas.  Many volunteers help us out with [...]

Victorian Eating Experience Volunteers2014-03-04T15:43:46-07:00