1340 Penn/After Hours

The Molly Brown House Museum offers a variety of education programs for adults.

Due to the uncertainty of these times, we are reevaluating our programs to ensure the safety of our guests.  We will reimagine these programs to meet the needs of our visitors and provide rich cultural experiences and learning for all.  Be sure to check back frequently for updates.

1340 Penn/After Hours

$15 Members | $17 Nonmembers                              7:00-9:00pm

Enjoy a risqué look at life in the era of the unsinkable and outspoken Margaret “Molly” Brown. Exploring topics too taboo to talk about in the daylight, this speakeasy features signature cocktails and salacious vignettes perfect for good-timers and geeks alike!   Events take place on all floors of Museum, most of which is only accessible via stairs.

Suggested for ages 21+. Must present ID to enjoy spirits!

Is Mrs. Brown Still Here?
September 25, 2020
Grab a flashlight and join us for a ghost hunting tour through Mrs. Brown’s home as we try to find what does go bump in the night! After the tour we will discuss ghosts, hauntings, and all things relating to the paranormal as we sip spirits!

The Scrapbookin’ Lawman
November 19, 2020
He was the fastest scrapbookin’ lawman in the West! Well, at least the first. Sam Howe made order out of criminal chaos and mayhem, tracking crimes and their perpetrators through notes, photos, and newspaper articles, all compiled in scrapbooks, an early predecessor to rap sheets. Meet the man himself, and one or two of the criminals he was able to stop.

Lady Drinking